The Dynamic Way

Harnessing the power of air for strength and safety

Smart innovation is at the core of the ongoing success of Dynamic Air Shelters.  Dynamic has become the premier solutions‐based provider of protective structures for workers and equipment in harsh environments. Dynamic custom designs, engineers and manufactures uniquely configured protective shelters to our customers’ specific needs.

The primary Dynamic Air Shelter product is an air-beam inflatable structure formed from large columns of reinforced vinyl tubing shaped into arches and lightly pressurized by low-power air blowers.

Dynamic Air Shelters are made primarily of non-rigid, fabric elements. Permanent doors can be blast-resistant for sites with inherent hazards, or fabric-covered frames in less-threatened environments. The structures can be closed or open to the elements at one or several locations without any loss of structural integrity. The structures can include electrical, lighting, HVAC, insulation, air filtration systems, and other additional features to suit specific needs.

The air columns are filled quickly with little effort and hold their shape for extended periods of time. The power required to maintain a Dynamic shelter is about twelve (12) amps, and is required for as little as ten minutes per day allowing the shelter to operate on the power generated by a car battery or a small solar panel. The system can be filled using a small gas-powered blower to fill the columns, which remain secure for extended service, depending on the model and material used. New systems may not require air replenishment for months or even years.

The product is built to be fail safe in the event of a power failure or inadvertent column damage.

Dynamic offers a broad range of standard and custom sizes – from 400 to 40,000 sq. ft., and larger.

The packaged volume of the unassembled shelter is a fraction of what conventional shelters of equal size require when packaged for transport or storage. A 9,000 sq. ft. structure is transported in three 20 ft. shipping containers.

Customized design for unique needs

Inflatable structures have been created to address many unique requirements such as:

  • Secure and safe lunch rooms, on-site offices and storage units in over-pressure zones like oil & gas refineries
  • Shelters moved over drilling or excavation sites
  • Storage shelters for equipment and supplies
  • Welding bays and fabrication buildings to keep elements out
  • Promotional shelters for trade shows, meetings, sales presentations, lounges and all types of public events
  • Space to host large groups in a theater style setting (receiving area for the G-8 Summit)
  • Instant shelters to protect forensic evidence at crime scenes
  • Shower decontamination of large numbers of people
  • Disaster shelters for emergency service workers and temporary hospital facilities

Shelters can be created in any color of your choice, including camouflage patterns, and can be branded with your logo. They can also be designed in different shapes.

Contact us for more information on the engineering and design of Dynamic Air Shelters.