The Dynamic Story

From hot air balloons to safe, inflatable shelters

An entrepreneur and holder of world hot air balloon flying records, the founder of Dynamic Air Shelters, Harold Warner, knows how to adjust with the changing winds.

The company that began as an innovator and creator of hot air balloons in 1981 now employs similar technology to create inflatable shelters, which are used for anything from mobile industrial sites to temporary shelters for disaster relief efforts.

Shifting focus

In the past fifteen years, Dynamic Air Shelters has shifted its focus and its base of operations in a major way. With the company’s head office and first manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta – near lucrative oil sands projects – Warner found it a challenge to retain workers.

In 2002, a lack of skilled manufacturing staff at the plant in Calgary required Warner to step away from a project in Newfoundland. Warner turned his sights to the community of Grand Bank, Newfoundland. He established a temporary plant in Grand Bank, which has subsequently become the company’s primary production facility. The Dynamic Air Shelters plant in Grand Bank has experienced steady growth while creating significant employment for the small town set on the Burin Peninsula.

Tested and proven

In 2005, following the BP Texas City disaster, BP posed a question to Warner. “What would happen to our structure in a shock wave?” The query led to a series of live field explosion testing to determine the shelter’s blast response dynamics.

Over the course of six independent live field explosions, the shelter consistently proved to reduce the amplitude and severity of a shock wave, thanks to its ability to reduce the rise time of a shock wave by as much as one thousand-fold, and reduce a shock wave to a compression wave.

Recognizing the need for workforce protection from plant site hazards, the American Petroleum Institute (API) adopted API RP 756 in September 2014. Dynamic Air Shelters are considered to be one of the best solutions suitable for API’s recommended guidelines for managing risks on sites with inherent hazards.

Responding to need

As an example of Dynamic’s rapid response capabilities, when typhoon Haiyan hit in Southeast Asia in 2013, Dynamic Air Shelters created a custom inflatable structure to function as a field hospital in Sara, Lloilo Island. The original hospital was extensively damaged as a result of the tropical storm. A year later, the hospital was still in operation having treated over 15,271 patients.

Recognition and certification

In August 2010, Dynamic Air Shelters received International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification, allowing them to work directly with large companies, such as Sikorsky Helicopters.

Dynamic has been recognized with a number of business awards including the 2013  Newfoundland Employment Council (NLEC) Employer of Distinction, the Community Business Development Bank’s Distinguished Business of the Year award and the Burin Peninsula Chamber of Commerce’s Employer of the Year.

With an inflatable shelter capable of withstanding a Category 3 hurricane, a significant explosion, sniper fire (when deployed with our optional ballistic resistant geo textile wall), artillery fragmentation or a grenade blast, Warner has created a perfect storm of success.