Dynamic Air Shelters

Our Team

Our Team

The success of Dynamic Air Shelters is rooted in the passion of our team. We’re confident in our proven history, and we see a world of potential in front of us. That’s why we work closely with our clients through any scenario to create the right Dynamic Air Shelter for every project.

Our Team

The Dynamic Management Team

Harold Warner

Harold Warner


As a creative product innovator, entrepreneur, and holder of world hot air balloon flying records, Harold founded Dynamic Air Shelters in 2000.

During 25 years of ballooning, he was an International competitive ballooning champion once holding nine world records. After founding and successfully operating AeroDynamics, Aerostats and Promotions, Inc. for almost 20 years, Harold saw the potential to employ similar technology to create air shelters.

Harold is entirely passionate about his work and his involvement in the community. Over many years he has been a presenter at schools and universities emphasizing entrepreneurship initiatives of greater present day commercial relevance.

Kay Riggs

Kay Riggs

Chief Operating Officer

Kay has managed Dynamic Air Shelter’s NL operation for the past 8 years, using her knowledge and experience from previous employment to grow the NL manufacturing facility. Prior to joining Dynamic Air Shelters, Kay was an Economic Development Officer with the Government of NL, assisting small businesses with strategic, marketing and financial planning. Prior to that, she was employed with Fishery Products Int’l’s secondary processing operation in cost accounting and cost control management.

Kay holds a Diploma of Business Administration and a Commerce Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

David Quick

David Quick


David spent the majority of his adult life as a Regular Force Infantry Officer. He holds both an Undergraduate Degree as well as a Master’s degree from the Royal Military College and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. He served The Royal Canadian Regiment in all three regular battalions, the Canadian Special Operations Regiment and various headquarters staff appointments throughout his career. He has served in Conventional and Special Forces operational units as well as partnered with many security and intelligence agencies. The pinnacle of his career was Commanding the 3rd Battalion (Light Airmobile Infantry Battalion) of The Royal Canadian Regiment from 2011-2013. He is one of only 20 people to be have ever been awarded the Star of Military Valour (SMV); Canada's second highest decoration for Valour, second only to the Victoria Cross.

Since entering the private sector, David has held roles that include CEO of Pathfinder Leadership Associates, and Managing Director for a US-based software/hardware engineering firm.

    David is now CEO of Dynamic Air Shelters, providing our company with a passionate and determined vision of how our shelters can be deployed around the world for a variety of purposes.

    Renita Dominaux

    Renita Dominaux

    Director of Operations

    An experienced project manager, she joined Dynamic Air Shelters in 2008. In November 2012, Renita was appointed the Operations Manager at our Grand Bank manufacturing facility. She has initiated our LEAN manufacturing programs to increase productivity and ensure quality in all of our products. Prior to Dynamic Air Shelters, Renita held positions in education and project management in Newfoundland which has helped with process implementation.

    Renita holds a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce Honors from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Master’s of Business Administration, concentrating in project management, from the University of Aspen.

    Terry French

    Terry French

    Director of Special Projects

    A Certified Management Accountant with experience in Public Accounting and 25 years of experience in accounting, management, and sales. Terry has been a part of Dynamic Air Shelters as a shareholder, director and employee since its inception in 2000. Prior to Dynamic he held multiple management positions throughout Calgary, with the majority of his time providing strategic planning.

    Terry attended the York University Schulich School of Business and the Society of Management Accountants.

    Steve Wallace

    Steve Wallace

    Manager Engineering + Design

    Steve has led the Dynamic Air Shelters Engineering team for the past two years and has been working with Dynamic, both as a customer and a team member, since 2012. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in the UK back in 1986 and he has enjoyed a career in Engineering design with experience in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Engineered Textile fields. Steve was part of the team that achieved the first circumnavigation of the world by a free balloon although he considers this secondary to the design and certification of over 50 “Special Shaped” Hot Air Balloons. Along the way Steve gained a great deal of experience in the use of technical textiles and he has engineered textile structures all over the world.

    Steve moved to Canada in 2010 for a short-term project to design a helium-filled wing for a hybrid aircraft (the build of which was sub-contracted to Dynamic under Steve’s supervision). Steve enjoys living in Canada and the variety of projects at Dynamic that he has now made Calgary his home (with frequent trips to our factory in Newfoundland and to our various customers and suppliers around the world).

    The Dynamic Way

    Dynamic passionately innovates by listening to our customers and the markets to develop lightweight, Large expanse, rapidly-deployable textile constructions to protect people and equipment from extreme loads in harsh environments.


    Safety is our business and a key factor of what we sell and who we are. Without safety, Dynamic would not have a market, nor would we have a good environment for our workers.


    Dynamic builds unique and innovative structures, and we are proud of our reputation as a supplier of quality products. Accuracy not only saves valuable time and money, but is also attached to our reputation as a supplier of quality products.


    Innovation plays a key role in Dynamic’s principle philosophy. We have chosen to build some of the world’s most unique and advanced structures, innovation carries us to new heights.


    We work in a challenging environment of growth and change, handling these situations with professionalism and respect defines us as a company. We support, value and respect all people.


    Given the unique products we make and the world-wide markets we serve, we must be able and open to welcoming new circumstances each day. The ability to change and adapt to our surroundings is crucial to our daily operations.