Washington, Refinery Lunch Room


BP was posed with the challenge of safely protecting 600 contract laborers onsite during a new unit construction. The laborers required a blast resistant environment in which to eat and to have their locker space for their work clothing. The area would also need to function as a large meeting space, AND have the flexibility to be separated into two halves to support two unions.


Dynamic Air Shelters did a job-site analysis on the specific site.  Dynamic built and set up a shelter that is proved to keep workers safe if a blast occurs, complying with API RP 756. The 78’x178’ structure was set up for a turnaround as a lunch room in Zone 2.  The full workforce of 600 was able to use one shelter as they performed construction. Dynamic’s shelter also has the capability to be split into two separate units in order to accommodate two different labor entities.


Accountability and break time management were significantly enhanced.  The customer estimated that Dynamic was significantly more cost effective per square foot than rigid blast resistant modules. When a full cost analysis was done, that included logistics and setup, Dynamic was far more efficient.