Dynamic Air Shelters Featured on Red Wing’s Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

Written on April 3, 2017

Aaron Knape Aaron Knape, President of Dynamic Air Shelters, spoke to Mark LaCour at the Process Safety in Oil & Gas Conference about Dynamic’s unique approach to protecting customers’ personnel and property and the challenges faced in the early stages of implementing this solution in the market.

Aaron Knape: “I like to use the analogy of baseball. To be blast-resistant, a lot of people think it has to be bigger, thicker, stronger. We took the concept in a different way. Think about catching a Nolan Ryan fastball. If you catch it without a glove and not bend your wrist, you are probably going to shatter your hand. We think about Dynamic as the catcher’s mitt and the flexible wrist. Essentially, what we are doing is allowing that shock load to be absorbed into the structure, and deflected up and around the shelter. We are taking a lot of that force and laying out as opposed to trying to defeat it like a rigid structure might”

Mark LaCour: “So the fact the structure is flexible is an asset—instead of having to meet force with force it actually dissipates that force and spreads it out.”

Listen to the fascinating story and check out Dynamic’s safety tip of the week!

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