Dynamic Air Shelters

Model 4290

62x95x24 ft

Comfortably accommodates 357 people, based on our standard of 12ft2 per person.


Inflatable leg assembly includes a main column assembly with end units on either side. Columns are low pressure welded fabric structural columns. Fabric used: PVC coated polyester.

31.5-oz fabric

1.3-m diameter columns

11 main assembly columns

Concentric end units

31.5-oz fabric

4.27-ft diameter columns

11 main assembly columns

Concentric end units


Shelter cover that protects the interior from ambient environment.

Fabric used: PVC coated polyester.

Custom logos in price. Custom fabric colors possible.

22-oz fabric

22-oz fabric

Fly Cables

Complete set of fly cables to limit fabric movement in heavy wind conditions.



Exterior Skirt

Full perimeter removable fabric skirt to seal shelter to ground or flooring. Acts as a rain guard to shed water away from foundation area.



Interior Curtain

Complete interior curtain to provide additional insulation and provide finished interior look. Hides columns, blowers, and hoses from view. Fabric used: PVC coated nylon




Interior HVAC distribution plenum with manually adjustable screen vents for improved air control.



HVAC Inlets

HVAC inlets with matching return vent. Provides the required ventilation to the shelter for occupation.

55.88-cm HVAC inlets, 4 vents

22-in HVAC inlets, 4 vents

Inflation System

Inflation system includes inflation blowers for quick installation. Includes long term continual blowers and inflation harness. Includes Air On Demand system to control air flow, all valves, and power cords.

2 continual blowers

2 continual blowers


Standard nylon tetherstraps.

5.08-cm wide

2-in wide

Anchoring System

Standard ground pin anchors or anchors for concrete blocks.

50 pin anchors for ground, or

50 concrete drop-in anchors

50 pin anchors for ground, or

50 concrete drop-in anchors

Blast Doors

Standard door layout for required building codes.

Two 1.82-m doors per shelter, positioned on center of each end unit 

Four 0.91-m doors positioned on the corners

Two 72-in doors per shelter, positioned on center of each end unit 

Four 36-in doors positioned on the corners


Long tube connector florescent lights for adequate luminescence based on regular occupation. Lighting is typically not required for shelters not regularly occupied.

24 lights

24 lights

Model 4290 iso Model 4290 front
Blast Doors

Other door layouts and sizes are possible.



Stage Flooring

Raised stage flooring. Flooring composed of 4x4 all wood marine grade panels and galvanized steel frame. Blast resistant. Vapour barrier required to prevent moisture contact - sold separately.



Vapour Barrier

Fabric sheet used below flooring to prevent moisture contact. Not required unless flooring is purchased.

Emergency Exit System

Emergency exit system sold with signage and extinguisher for each doorway. Standard red
illuminated sign on independent power source.

9-kg minimum fire extinguisher and stand.

20-lb minimum fire extinguisher and stand.

Lightning Protection System

Lightning system includes the required number of lightning rods for full shelter coverage. Rods attach to grounding cable. Secured with high strength clips to fabric patch.

Rope Tethers

Upgraded tetherstraps with a modified design featuring rope tethers. This improvement eliminates "flapping" in extreme weather conditions. Should be considered in regularly occupied shelters. Cost is incremental of regular strap cost.

Anchoring System

Upgraded anchors should be considered for poor soil conditions. Helical anchors ($70/ea) or other specialized anchors ($TBD/ea) may be required.



Additional Information
Internal Area

Internal area of shelter.

398 m2

4,290 ft2

Shelter Envelope

Ground stakes requires space on the sides and ends for ground staking.

22.6 m x 36.1 m

74 ft x 119 ft

Concrete blocks requires space on the sides and ends for concrete anchor blocks (not provided). Ensure enough space on site for maneuvering vehicle during block placement.

23.6 m x 37 m

77.3 ft x 121.3 ft

Tethermasts requires a small amount of space around the shelter, typically less than 7-ft / 2.13-m depending on design. Current designs include standard ballasted masts and reduced footprint masts.

Approx. 24.1 m x 34.2 m 

Approx. 79 ft x 112 ft


Occupancy is based on 12 ft2 / 3.66 m2 per person

357 people

357 people

Electrical required

Power required for recommended lights and blowers. Does not include HVAC.

30.88 Amps

30.88 Amps

Wind Load

Minimum wind rating. If winds exceed this speed, Dynamic should be notified to confirm expected maximum wind speeds. In extreme hurricane winds, the shelter should be deflated and covered until winds return to normal wind speeds.

130 kph

80 mph

Snow Load

High natural snow load capacity, and capable of shedding extreme snow loads when shelter is heated.

0.42-kg/mnatural snow load capacity.

10-lbs/ft2 natural snow load capacity.


All fabrics to National Fire Code NFPA 701 and ULC S109 (Canada)

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