Disaster Relief Shelters

Protection And Security For When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes and lives are at stake, timing is critical. In the midst of mayhem, first responders must provide shelter, medical assistance and protection for victims. Disaster relief shelters, offices and emergency medical facilities are needed – fast.

Dynamic Air Shelters’ emergency and disaster relief shelters are highly durable, functional shelters. Upon deployment, they provide immediate protection from environmental, biological or chemical threats.

Dynamic Air Shelters’ customized disaster shelters are fabricated to fit into disaster relief and emergency preparedness in any way necessary:

  • For biological disasters when the decontamination of large numbers of people is required, or to isolate patients from extreme forms of bacteria
  • As portable hospital systems when additional beds are required by hospitals
  • When police and fire departments require rapid installation of command posts, decontamination and forensic site protection
  • For government organizations whose responsibilities include the management of hazardous materials, public safety and domestic defense
  • For airport authorities faced with on-site disasters

Get your team in the field fast

Dynamic Air Shelters understands the importance and the urgency of First Response, and are always at the ready to deliver precisely what you need. Dynamic Air Shelters can be transported into a remote location by helicopter and quickly assembled with a small team. Heavy equipment, ladders or scaffolding are not required. When no longer required, the shelters are easy to dismantle, and they store compactly.

Severe weather is no threat

Dynamic’s all-weather shelter solutions stand tall in extreme weather conditions, including natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. They can withstand wind speeds up to 80 mph (130 kmph) and some models are engineered to stand strong in a Category 3 hurricane. What’s more, they are capable of normal operation in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -60° – to 158°F (-50° to 70°C). They remain secure under elevated snow load conditions.

Operate at maximum efficiency

Dynamic Air Shelters operates on a low-energy system, are UV-resistant, and have internal temperature control capability for HVAC.

Working with a growing list of First Response organizations

Dynamic’s advanced engineering, emergency disaster relief shelter design and disaster preparedness is key as we meet the needs of a growing international list of First Response organizations.

When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador turned to Dynamic Air Shelters to create a 46’ x 46’ portable air shelter for the area in Sara, Iliolo Island, where the district hospital was extensively damaged. The air shelter was provided to support GlobalMedic, for the delivery of aid to people affected by the disaster.

Dynamic Air Shelters have also been utilized as first response efforts in Haiti, Bangladesh, Guatemala and Pakistan.

Wherever First Response teams go around the globe to help people in need, Dynamic Air Shelters is there, among the first disaster relief shelters in place, raising the hope of survivors and responders alike. Contact us when you need shelters as part of your disaster preparedness planning or for emergency disaster relief.