Field Operations

Ensuring your shelter is in top operational condition from setup to take down

Whether you choose to purchase a Dynamic Air Shelter for long-term use, or rent a shelter for a short-term project, it’s critical that it performs precisely the way you expect it to. Part of that assurance involves correctly setting up the shelter, maintaining it to ensure its integrity on your site, and dismantling it properly to sustain its life and structural quality.

Our deployment teams consisting of a mobile in-field lead and skilled support technicians are always at the ready to assist you with your air shelter as required.
From travelling to your site to make a quick one-hour repair, to leading multiple large span structure installations, our field teams have the capabilities to ensure our shelters are always in top operational condition – from the start of your project to its finish.

Installation and demobilization

There are two ways in which your shelter(s) can be installed:

  1. Our team performs a 100 percent turnkey installation including site and ground preparations, and setting up the entire air beam structure including staking, tethering, floors, doors, lighting, and HVAC.
  2. Dynamic provides two technicians to guide your own personnel in the installation of your shelter(s). This method may make sense for you if you have purchased the air shelter, and anticipate the need to reuse it in the future.

When your project has come to an end, and you no longer require the air shelter, proper demobilization is important to sustain its life and structural quality. There are two ways in which your shelter(s) can be demobilized or dismantled:

  1. Similar to the installation, our field teams are able to perform turnkey removal of your structures including complete site restoration.
  2. If you have purchased the shelter(s) and plan to reuse it in the future, our technicians can instruct your team on the proper cleaning, dismantling, packaging and storage of your shelters.

Maintenance and repair

Over time, even the most robust shelter will weather due to the elements, chemical plant residue, or ongoing use. If your shelter requires service, our field teams are standing by to assist you. They will make any repairs to the shelter components and ensure it is in working order. As with installation and demobilization, our technicians can complete all maintenance and repair, or instruct your own personnel to make repairs either with an on-site visit or by remote communications.

Blast-resistant shelters – inspection and recertification

Our blast-resistant structures rely heavily on the integrity of the shelter to withstand a blast, protect its occupants, support our ISO 9001:2008 certification, and ensure our shelters are suited to API RP 756 standards.

While there is no mandatory inspection or recertification schedule to meet these standards, Dynamic Risk believes that regular inspections of our blast-resistant shelters are in everyone’s best interests. In harsh environments, we recommend that an inspection be completed on an annual basis.

The inspection consists of:

  • Testing a material sample of the outer cover or fly, and analyzing its strength
  • Inspecting all soft components including the outer fly, the inner curtain, HVAC plenum, and air beam columns
  • Inspecting all hardware including doors, floors, anchoring points, tethering systems, and cable system

Any deficiencies will be corrected on site if possible, or new parts will be ordered and shipped to the site promptly. When deficiencies are corrected, and positive testing completed, Dynamic Air Shelters will issue a re-certification letter for your shelter.

Dynamic Air Shelters is committed to our clients’ complete satisfaction. From installation to take down, we will be there with hands-on support in every aspect of our air shelter products.

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