Commercial and Industrial Shelters

Inflatable solutions help you get the job Done

Conventional hard-shelled shelters for crews, construction site covers or equipment covers on industrial work sites are expensive and labor-intensive. Structures have limited reliability in rough weather conditions making them potentially unsafe. Often hard structures have very poor thermal insulation forcing crews to work in uncomfortable conditions and limiting productivity.

Dynamic Air Shelters’ shelter and storage solutions are cost-effective, easily deployed, and can be configured perfectly for the job. What’s more, they are safe and comfortable to work in, enabling your crews to focus on the tasks at hand.

Portable, temporary shelters have you covered – anytime, anywhere

Dynamic Air Shelters are fabricated for optimum flexibility with additional customizable features to suit multiple work site applications:

  • On-site offices – Can include electrical, lighting, HVAC, insulation and air filtration systems
  • Warming/cooling huts – Workers can escape the elements for short periods during shifts
  • Restrooms/washrooms – Can be installed inside a climate-controlled air shelter with forced ventilation
  • Warehouses – Store equipment, tools, supplies. Large doors are available for forklift or truck entryway
  • Construction equipment and construction site covers – Columns can be deflated and moved aside with no loss of structural integrity
  • Drilling site, excavation site covers – Our skid system allows the shelter to be towed over a large work site, and opened and closed repeatedly with no loss of structural integrity
  • Fabrication buildings – Keeps destructive elements, such as wind, rain, snow outside so as not to impede production. Enables uniform applications of coatings and/or sealants when sprays are used. Shelters are fully ventilated
  • Welding buildings – Shelters are fire-retardant to meet NFPA 701 (USA) and ULC S109 (Canada) codes. Would not ignite after exposure to 750 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes – a test usually applied to brick and concrete
  • Remote sites – Warehouses, site service buildings and entire camps can be carried to remote locations by helicopter and installed with no heavy equipment required

Dynamic offers a broad range of standard and custom sizes – from 13 ft. x 23 ft. to 78 ft. x 208 ft. (400 to 40,000 sq. ft.) and larger. They can be branded with your logo, and made in any color of your choice.

Improve work efficiency in inclement weather

In extreme cold, work productivity may suffer a 40 percent reduction. In regions of extreme heat, work productivity can be reduced by 20 minutes for each hour that workers are on the clock. Lower productivity results in schedule creep and lost production time.

Dynamic Air Shelters are all-weather shelter solutions. They are capable of normal operation in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -60° to 158°F (-50° to 70°C) making them consistently comfortable environments for your crews. Our shelters operate at maximum efficiency on a low-energy system, helping to save money on heating/cooling costs. They have internal temperature control capability for HVAC.

In regions where natural weather disasters such as hurricanes are a threat to personnel safety, all of our shelters can withstand wind speeds of 80 mph (130 km/h) and some models can stand strong against a Category 3 hurricane.

Professional help to set up and dismantle

To ensure that your Dynamic Air Shelters are in peak operational condition from deployment to demobilization, our Field Operations service offers assistance with teams consisting of a mobile in-field lead and skilled support technicians. Our team can either perform a 100 percent turnkey installation and dismantling, or work with your own personnel to guide them through the process.

Dynamic Air Shelters are available for rent or for purchase depending on your needs. Learn more about how Dynamic Air Shelters can work for your industrial or construction purposes. Contact us today.