Temporary Shelters

When you need a temporary shelter for protection against the elements, equipment storage for the duration of a project, or temporary work-site facilities such as machine sheds, camp accommodations, lunch and meeting rooms or offices – Dynamic Air Shelters are the perfect fit.

From small onsite workstations to large-scale commercial structures, Dynamic Air Shelters’ temporary inflatable shelters are easy to transport and can be deployed and dismantled with a small team and minimal equipment – anywhere, anytime.

  • Available in more than 14 standard sizes – ranging from 400 to 40,000 sq. ft. and larger
  • Custom sizes and configurations are available for your specific requirements
  • Can be deployed easily and quickly without cranes or lifting equipment – 9,000 sq. ft. can be deployed in 24 hours
  • Lightweight structures can be moved a short distance onsite while fully deployed
  • Easily stored and transported – a 9,000 sq. ft. structure is packed in less than three shipping containers
  • Can include electrical, lighting, HVAC, insulation and air filtration systems

Instant storage and equipment shelters

Easy-to-set-up instant storage shelters provide a fast and convenient way to protect equipment, tools and materials on the job.

Dynamic’s air shelters have reinvented the way storage shelters are used on a work site. As your inventory levels change, so will your need for storage facilities. Our air shelters can easily be repurposed or reinstalled at another location. They can be designed in almost any size and shape for industrial needs and can include a wide variety of options such as lighting, electrical, HVAC, flooring and lightning mitigation systems.

With Dynamic’s deployment specialists on the job, the shelters are ready when you need them.

Weather shelters

Dynamic Air Shelters’ innovative shelter designs have become the only true all-weather shelter solution offering weather protection for workers in extreme heat or cold, rain or snow.

Dynamic’s all-weather shelters are capable of operating in the coldest Artic environments, and the hottest desert and equatorial regions. They successfully defend against massive snow loads and remain secure and safely occupied through hurricane wind conditions. With some models engineered and certified secure to Category 3 hurricanes, these safe temporary shelters resist weather conditions beyond that of other temporary shelters – and even many permanent shelters.

They are ideal for natural disaster relief efforts when response time is critical, and a team and safe shelter must be deployed to the field fast. Dynamic Air Shelters stand tall in severe weather, and can be customized to include bio-isolation to keep everyone protected.

Commercial and work-site shelters

Dynamic Air Shelters offers a number of temporary commercial and construction shelters for your valuable workforce and on-site equipment.

Our proprietary design provides a flexible, customizable, easily movable, and quickly installed solution.

Configurations can include HVAC, washrooms, kitchens, personnel doors, cargo doors, rolling service doors, aircraft hangar doors, vestibules and corridors, windows, and a dynamic anchoring system that does not require a foundation. On request, Dynamic can create customized shelters with your branding in your choice of color.

Flooring options include rubber sport court, and raised wood stage flooring. If you prefer a concrete slab, let us know your requirements and we’ll give you exact dimensions.

Some of our featured commercial temporary shelter solutions are:

  • Instant storage facilities for materials, tools and equipment
  • Cafeterias and sleeping quarters
  • Work site productivity enhancement units that offer weather protection for workers in extreme heat or cold and in rain or snow

Talk to us about temporary shelters to house your equipment and workforce, and help you save money and increase productivity.