Military Shelters

Protection against the deadly threat of blast and ballistic Hazards

The new face of war involves IEDs and other blast and ballistic weaponry, creating a heightened need for blast protection for military forces.

Dynamic Air Shelters are ideal for use in war zones as large, industrial-sized, rapidly deployable shelters for hangars, camps and machine shop warehouses.

Designed to defend against a serious explosive threat and able to withstand high velocity impact, Dynamic Air Shelters have been successfully tested in full-scale field trials at the Canadian Defence Research and Development Centre. They offer protection and shelter unlike any other solution in the industry today.

Inflatable air shelters cushion the blow

The Dynamic Air Shelters’ system is comprised of a low-pressure air beam support structure, a heavy-duty waterproof fabric shell and liner, and a flexible moveable exterior fabric barrier surrounding the perimeter. A geotextile support wall protects against ballistic threats.

In testing, the shelter has consistently reduced the amplitude and severity of a shock wave thanks to its ability to reduce the rise time of a shock wave by as much as one thousand-fold, and reduce a shock wave to a compression wave. Generally, the larger the blast, the better the shelter mitigates the effects.

The shelter can withstand punctures or ruptures. In the event of catastrophic rupture the shelter will deflate in a fashion that does not cause injury to its occupants.

Optimal safety

Where the force of a blast can easily shatter permanent structures, the inflated pillars of Dynamic’s air shelters will simply absorb and deflect the impact. In addition to the blast- and ballistic-resistant properties, the shelters are fire-resistant, constructed from materials that meet international standards (NFPA 701 USA and ULC S109 Canada).

Fast deployment

Dynamic Air Shelters can be quickly deployed with a small team. They are easy to dismantle and they store compactly. Setting the shelters up does not require heavy equipment, ladders or scaffolding. And they are light enough to be dropped into a remote site by helicopter.

Easy customization

Dynamic Air Shelters are easily adapted to multiple applications including use as dining facilities and mess halls, warehouses, workshops, hangars, accommodation blocks, conference rooms, offices, fire halls, or recreational spaces. Shelters are available in 14 sizes – from 13 ft. x 23 ft. to 78 ft. x 208 ft. (400 to 40,000 sq. ft.) and larger. They can be produced with black-out material, and made in any color including camouflage of your choice.

Tough in extreme weather

Dynamic Air Shelters are all-weather shelter solutions, including natural weather disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. They can withstand wind speeds up to 80 mph (130 km/ph) and some models are engineered to stand strong in a Category 3 hurricane. What’s more, they are capable of normal operation in extreme temperature conditions ranging from 60° – to 158°F (-50° to 70°C). They remain secure under elevated snow load conditions.

Operate at maximum efficiency

Our shelters operate on a low-energy system, are UV-resistant, and have internal temperature control capability for HVAC.

Learn more about how Dynamic Air Shelters can protect and save valuable lives in warzones. Contact us today.