Promotional Shelters

Creative, inflatable solutions that stand out in a crowd

Growth in outdoor promotion has exploded along with attendance at outdoor events, festivals and exhibitions. Corporate sponsors compete to “cut through the clutter”. They are constantly searching for “the big idea” to imprint their brand on the minds of their customers.

From large temporary installations to small portable solutions, customized, inflatable shelters from Dynamic Air Shelters make it easy to deliver a positive brand experience at promotional events, company gatherings and trade shows.

Your brand has never looked better

Promote your brand in an intriguing, inflatable shelter that appeals to consumers of all ages and interests. We can customize a one-of-a-kind shelter that reflects your company identity in color, context and even in iconic form.

Because of the air-beam design, Dynamic Air Shelters Lightweight Relocatable Shelters (LRS) can be large enough to contain an entire event, or small enough for an intimate hospitality room. With 14 years as a trade show booth manufacturer, our dedication into research and development has made our trade show display designs the most advanced in the industry.

Our promotional shelters are used to:

  • Promote name or brand awareness at public functions
  • Create an experience at trade shows and community events
  • Represent a sponsor’s identity and product on the exterior surface and provide interesting interior space for sales presentations

Benefits of Dynamic Air Shelter promotional shelters

  • Can be branded with your logo in any color or colors of your choice
  • Unlimited creative options – bring us your ideas!
  • Provides highly recognizable brand identity in a cost-effective way
  • Built to your specifications, and can include electrical, light HVAC and air filtration systems
  • Manufactured to the highest standards and certified to meet the most stringent national fire codes
  • No central pillars to reduce visibility and impede flow of traffic. You have more space to set up and host attendees, and your guests can easily roam around
  • Highly portable and easily redeployed providing immediate, functional interior work space for product display, sales, meetings, media centers and administrative offices
  • Shelters can be inflated quickly; some in as little as 90 seconds
  • Environmentally friendly – Can be set up on lawns or golf courses without leaving any visible scars
  • Immediate protection and shelter from weather including heavy rains, snow, high winds and hot or freezing temperatures

No matter where your next promotional opportunity takes you and your sales team, you can rely on Dynamic Air Shelters promotional shelters to help you create a professional, standout brand presence.

Give your organization an innovative edge with a customized air shelter. Talk to us about your ideas today.