Blast Resistant Shelters

Blast Protection For Your Workforce

Keeping your number one asset – your workforce – safe and secure on hazardous work sites while still meeting your production goals can be a challenge. You need your people as close to the site as possible to maximize wrench time, increase productivity, and save costs, all the while ensuring their protection.

Blast shelters meet strict standards for personnel safety

A highly specialized blast resistant air shelter from Dynamic Air Shelters can protect your workforce and deliver greater value than conventional alternatives such as modular containers or tent structures.
Engineered with fail safe and safe fail features, Dynamic Air Shelters are built for optimum protection and security in blast zone environments. Our blast resistant air shelters qualify for and are widely used in Zone 1 and 2 siting locations for refineries and chemical plants. Dynamic’s shelters are suitable for API RP 756 -recommended guidelines adopted by the American Petroleum Institute.

Our blast resistant shelters stand up to the test

Blast testing demonstrated the ability of blast resistant shelters to remain secure and reduce injury even in the most lethal environments. Dynamic Air Shelters have been tested and proven to:

  • Stand up to shock loads as high as 11.5 psi for a duration of more than 66 ms – in general, the larger the blast, the more the effects of the blast are mitigated by the shelter
  • Deflect the force of shock-waves up rather than horizontally – away from people, objects and congested areas
  • Offer protection from debris at various levels, including options for protection from military threats
  •  Dampen harmful incident waves and reduce shock-waves to less dangerous compression waves – No secondary reflective wave is created inside the structure

Discover more about Dynamic Air Shelters Validation and Testing.

Watch videos of Dynamic Air Shelters’ blast resistant buildings and structures in action.

Additional safety features:

  • Fire-retardant to meet NFPA 701 (USA) and ULC S109 (Canada) codes
  • Weather-resistant to withstand sustained wind speeds to 95 mph (152 km/h)
  • Some models certified to withstand up to Category 3 hurricane sustained wind speeds at 130 mph (209 km/h)
  • Certifiable to remain secure under elevated snow load conditions
  • Suitable for use as shelter-in-place protection from H2S
  • Engineering audits completed by the world’s leading petro chemical companies and their representatives confirm that Dynamic Air Shelters are suitable for API RP 756 guidelines
  • Impermeable to toxic gases
  • Suitable in temperatures from -60° to 158°F (-50° to 70°C)
  • All lights are shatterproof and secured without the need for rigid components
  • Flexible tether masts allow for enhanced blast-resistance

In the unlikely event of a structural failure during an incident, the structure will yield articles of low mass moving at very low velocity, which would result in extremely low probabilities of injury.

Inspection and re-certification of our blast resistant shelters

Maintaining the integrity of our blast resistant shelters is a top priority for Dynamic Air Shelters. We will conduct a full inspection of your shelter on a regular basis to ensure that it can withstand a blast and protect its occupants. In harsh environments, we recommend an inspection and re-certification once a year.

The inspection process consists of:

  • Taking a sample of the outer cover, or fly, and analyzing the strength of the material in remote laboratory tests
  • A thorough inspection of all soft components including the outer fly, the inner curtain, HVAC plenum, and air beam columns
  • A thorough inspection of all hardware including doors, floors, anchoring points, tethering systems, and cable system

Any deficiencies found during the inspection will be corrected on site if possible, or new parts will be ordered promptly and shipped to the site. Once any deficiencies are corrected, and a positive laboratory test for the fly is received, Dynamic Air Shelters will issue a re-certification letter for your shelter.

Bottom-line benefits of blast resistant air shelters by Dynamic Air Shelters

Injuries and fatalities caused by fuel air explosions on the work site have dictated the need to move common area structures further from lethal environments. But relocating these facilities increases project costs and time. Travel time to and from the site, and the logistics of housing a large workforce in multiple buildings away from the plant site has a negative effect on project efficiency.

Dynamic Air Shelters allow you to move your workers closer to the work site, achieving significant savings on labor costs due to having your personnel at or near the work site, eliminating or reducing travel time.

More cost savings realized:

  • Installation costs are as much as 85 percent less than conventional temporary hard- and soft-walled structures and as much as 98 percent less than permanent buildings
  • Thermal efficient design offers reduced heating costs compared to traditional soft-walled structures
  • Larger space means cost-per-square-foot savings
  • Lightweight portability decreases transportation costs

Designed to fit in anywhere blast shelters are required

Dynamic Air Shelters blast resistant buildings are easy to transport and can be rapidly set up and just as easily demobilized virtually anywhere.

  • Available for purchase for long-term assignments, or to rent for short-term use
  • Over 14 standard sizes available – from 13 ft. x 23 ft. to 78 ft. x 208 ft. (300 to 16,000 sq. ft.)
  • Custom sizes and configurations are available for all your needs
  • Easily and rapidly set up by a small team without the use of cranes or lifting equipment – 100% turnkey installations available or a Dynamic Air Shelter installation expert can guide your own personnel through setup and dismantling. Learn more about our Field Operations.
  • Lightweight structures can be moved a short distance on site while fully deployed
  • Compact packaging for easier storage and transportation – 9,000 sq. ft. structure is transported in three 20 ft. shipping containers
  • Can include electrical, lighting, HVAC, insulation and air filtration systems
  • Large, clear spans optimize the space/occupancy ratios allowing room for hundreds of people

Dynamic Air Shelters are tested and proven to keep your at-risk workforce safe and out of harm’s way within threatened areas of work sites. Read more about API RP 756 standards, or contact us to discuss your unique requirements for blast shelters.